The black east indie duck is the oldest documented domestic bantam duck breed. It was developed in America.

They will begin to develop snowy white feathers in a mottled pattern after they reach a year of age. 

The egg laying properties of the bird vary widely between individuals, some laying only 40 a year and others up to 100. 

Since they have a lot of wild fowl in their DNA, they can be quite skittish around people

We breed the most docile birds we can get out hands on. 

It's very difficult to get pictures that do the colouring on these birds justice. 

I will be raising several bantam duck breeds. Maybe eventually I’ll pick one.


When deciding on what duck breed to free range on my farm, it was difficult deciding between the Ancona and the Welsh Harlequin duck, both breeds that I adore. In the end I had to go with anconas. While satisfied with Anconas, I was still wistful that I couldn’t raise Welshes.


When I was looking into Runner ducks as a bird I could possibly range in my garden with my Seramas, I learned of bantam ducks and fell in love with them. Not to be confused with the Mini Silver Appleyard duck, Silver Bantams are said to appear similar to the Abacot Ranger ducks, though their resemblance to the Welsh Harlequin is what drew me to them. I knew they’d be a great edition to my garden since they wouldn’t trample my crops like full sized ducks.


Some experiments:


Ancona call with ancona

Ancona call and black east indie

Wild mallard ducks

Mini silver appleyard

Australian spotted

Black east indie

Look into colour genetics and creating a duck that doesn’t breed true to type

A duck can store sperm for up to a month

Show east indie duck next to 6lb ancona

Black East Indie Ducks

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