Cotton Patch Geese

Cotton patch geese are an American landrace breed that was once commonplace on southern farms. Because they readily consume grasses and avoid most other plants, they were used to weed cotton, corn, and tobacco fields. They are also prolific weeders of orchards, or of grasses which grow among any other broad leafed crop. They are a sex linked breed, which means that you can tell their sex from their colour (phenotype). They are listed as critically endangered by the Livestock Conservancy and recent polls estimate around 200 breeding pairs remaining in America. 

“Goslings are sexable at hatch, primarily through down color, with the females having very dark down and the males a much lighter shade. Female goslings of the solid phase often have very dark grey bills and feet, the males a much lighter shade.” – Cotton Patch Goose Society.


“If you get any distinctly two-toned goslings, these are likely a color mutation called “saddleback,” or occasionally "pied." Male saddleback goslings will be lighter colored than female saddleback goslings, but they will look distinctly different than regular white male goslings. Male saddlebacks can only be identified as babies because they will have all white plumage as adults.” – Crowfoot Farm.

They are a multi purpose bird since they are used for meat, eggs, and weeding, and more. Geese are sometimes used to help protect their flocks like guard dogs, though this breed is very light weight and a larger breed such as embdens may be more suited as a guard goose. They are somewhat territorial and are weary of strangers, so will alert you if anyone new is in the area. 

They almost went extinct after the introduction of pesticides, but were saved primarily by Dr. Tom Walker and Mark See.

Origin of my flock genetics:

Sunny Knoll Eco Farm 

Flip Flop Ranch who sourced from Tom Walker's flock

Livestock Conservancy Link 

Cotton Patch Geese Society Link

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