Serama Chickens

The serama chicken is the smallest breed of chicken. They are a very dosile and personable breed.  The breed emerged in malaysia within the last 50 years and are a cross between 

What they lack in the rich history of my other heritage breeds, they make up for in their spunky little attitudes and adorable size. 

This is my only breed I keep for which I don’t strictly follow the breed standard. I personally find the expected fully upright stance to be unnatural and a little unattractive. I still breed for an alert stance but not so extreme as is indicated by the Serama Council. I also do not "train" for posture. I breed foremost for temperament and hardiness.

Seramas lay about 120-160 small eggs per year, each about 1/5 the size of the average chicken egg.  They do not breed true to type in size or colour so you never know what you’ll hatch out. Chicks will remain true to the breeds small size but a variance of between the A, B, and C classes is to be expected. Seramas hatch early, around 19-20 days in.

My seramas roam my organic garden alongside a few bantam ducks. They're light so they do far less damage to plant growth than standard chicken breeds. 

They come in 3 size classes: 


Class A – <12 oz (0.75 lbs)
Class B – <15 oz (0.94 lbs)
Class C –<19 oz (1.06 lbs)


A class <13 oz (0.81lbs)

B class <16 oz (1 lb)

C class < 19 oz (1.06 lbs)

Show pictures of small serama next to 4lb icelandic chicken

Show pictures next to 8lb copper marans 

Seramas poults, chicks, and eggs are available for local pickup only since their eggs notoriously difficult to incubate successfully, even barring shipping. I recommend putting them under a broody bird instead of hatching yourself. 

Hatching eggs - $6 each. 

Chicks – $10 each.

Poults (when available) – priced individually.

To place an order or reserve chicks, please send me an email at thecakeisawolf detailing your name what you’d like (i.e. the breed and the quantity of eggs/chicks) and I’ll get back to you with a paypal invoice. If what you want isn’t available I can add you to a waitlist and get in touch when we have it. I cannot guarantee hatch rates since I do not control the conditions the eggs are under once they leave my care, though I will replace broken eggs if you pay the shipping.

I collect all my eggs the day they were laid and date them with a pencil for easy identification. Eggs are viable for up to 10 days from their lay date, but significantly lose viability after 14 days. I don’t ship out any eggs older than 3 days from the date they’re laid. Once they exceed 3 days, if I have enough, I incubate artificially or put them under a broody.

I try to use as little non-biodegradable material as possible when I ship. Typically I’ll use whatever good material we have on hand. I wrap each egg in fluffed newspaper and tissue paper. I then place each egg in a box packed with shredded newspaper, straw, and occasionally wool from our katahdin hair sheep.

Check out my guide on incubating and hatching eggs, or the guide provided by Serama Council of North America with specific instructions for .

Serama Council Of North America Link

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